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VIP Features on sMv GaMinG Cod4Servers

Threshold Amounts for Rewards On Donations to sMv GaMing COD4 Servers


Perks Description/Requirement Applicable Server Amount
VIP Shopping Access (Get InGame Shopping Credit & other VIP Access)
Use !menu->VIP Shopping to open Shop menu
HC Server #1 35₹ or more
VIP Menu Access (A hidden Menu With MoveSpeed, Jump Height, WeaponAccess..etc) HC #1 100₹
Admin Promotion Stage I (promotion to next higher admin level : Max upto 60 level) HC #1/Promod #2 300₹
Admin Promotion Stage II (promotion to next two level: Max upto 80 Level) HC #1/Promod #2 500₹


VIP Donations (Credit/Debit Card):

OR use payment methods provided above (Paypal or Paytm)

[Note: VIP menu Mentioned here is not the VIP section in !menu of HC server or AdminMenu in Promod Server..
Admin Promotions By Donations will be subjected to cancellation if any admin rule violation or Miss use of power found in our game servers or if Tagged as MIA (Type !adminrules in cod4 client console to see admin rules) ]

Note that these Perks Will be applicable to one guid & one server
(only one perk will be allowed per contribution
ie one who donates 500 will get only Admin promotion, he will not get other VIP perks like menu or shop access)