sMv B3 Latest Version : 1.9.523


  • Bug Fixes
  • Cod4x Parser Update

  • v1.9.522
  • Bug Fixes
  • Changes to support 1.10 - 1.12 compatible plugins
  • BugFixes to sMvAdmin Plugin
  • Fix for @b3id command argument usage for online players fails to process properly. For Example : !kick @b3id now works fine
  • Improvements in Antirecruiter plugin
  • Changes to parse ipv6 address clients (they were like ghost before) (update database table accordingly)
  • Added support for cmdmanager plugin (update database table accordingly)

  • v1.9.521
  • Changes to support 1.10 - 1.12 compatible plugins
  • Failure on https/ssl through urllib2 request: bug fixed
  • Many other minor changes to different built-in plugins ( I'm lazy to write all )

  • v1.9.520
  • Improvements in smvadminpluign
  • Voting bug fixes: reconnecting players will not allowed to vote

  • v1.9.519
  • Auto admin is included in pack and inactive on config. Can be enable it at config file
  • Fixed Security/vulnerability issues that found with older version of Autoadmin plugin (upto version 2.2)
  • Added more features to Autoadmin plugin.(Includes some commands that help admins/server owner)
  • Fixed some bugs with AntiRecruiter plugin, smvadmin plugin voting commands, location plugin api data bugs, etc
  • Iamgod Password on initial startup is now optional and setings can be managed from plugin_admin.xml
  • Now admins can't remove their own warnings.(To prevent admin power misuse)
  • Cod4x18 parser updated (Same also suppports gameranger)