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File Description Link
sMv Promod LV161a Promod By C-BIN (sound files + skins included) img
sMv Promod LV162a Promod By C-BIN (sound files + skins included + Interactive VotemaP) img
sMv Promod LV163a BugFix Fix for compatibility of thirdparty tools like B3, MaM..etc
(163a no longer available or supported, Download latest)
sMv Promod LV164a Promod By C-BIN (sound files + skins included + Interactive VotemaP)+(some cod4 remastered features) img
Promod Knifearea Lag Fix Fix of knifearea lag due to B44 for 3XP & SMV mods img
sMv InGame ServerQuery Script Script By C-BIN ((Requires Cod4x build 1458 or above + http plugin) img
sMv Promod Special Remastered Edition Promod (Promod with some cod4 remastered features)
Development of mod still in progress..
Stay Tuned on this server for limited preview sMv GaMinG Promod


File Description Link
TeknoMW3 Patch for Non-Steam MW3 multiplayer A Multiplayer patch to play COD MW3 without steam
It Requires complete/orginal MW3 multiplayer zone + map files

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